About Us


When Northern Oklahoma Development Authority (NODA) moved into its current office space in 1995, the Internet was just a blip on the virtual horizon and locating an office in an area lacking internet access was normal. Today, rural areas and businesses cannot compete in the global marketplace without affordable, reliable and high-speed access to the Internet.

As the Internet evolved into the communication phenomenon it is now, NODA’s leadership quickly realized they needed to expand their technological capacity. And they knew bringing their communities up to speed if they, and the region, were to be competitive in the rapidly shifting world economy was imperative.

Through a system of cells, primarily located on grain elevators, NODA’s internet company NODAnet, provides broadband service to 12 towns and the City of Enid spread out over 2,500 square miles.

NODAnet serves over 400 customers. The revenue generated is put back into operating costs and system upgrades. NODAnet supplies the equipment to the customer and charges a monthly fee, ranging between $39 and $59, for the service.

While most urban settings view broadband and Internet services as an entitlement, the leaders of NODA realized that they must be innovative, entrepreneurial and risk-takers to make sure their rural region was not left further behind in the information technology age. As a result, rural residents now have an outlet for pursuing business opportunities, staying connected to family and friends, and opening new gateways for life-long learning and education.